The Vipe


The Vipe


The Vipe:

Give your vape the bump in sophistication it deserves with The Vipe–an exquisite pipe accessory for the Juul Vaporizer. This sleek, originally handcrafted, durable plastic work of art allows you to simply slide your Juul into the end and puff away as you ponder your existence or solve a complex murder mystery with an heir of class and intelligence. And with the low price of $10, you’ll have enough left over to continue growing that collection of leather bound, literary classics in your study.


The Stucker Brothers LLC are in no way affiliated with Juul or any other vaporizer or e-cigarette brand, or any other related organizations.

Now that we got that out of the way, if you’re thinking of ordering a VIPE, and have read this far, you are clearly a sophisticated, intelligent individual worthy of such an exquisite work of art. Therefore, we’d like to remind you to treat this product like a person of your ilk would.

The VIPE is a novelty art piece for jokes only. Those who purchase the The VIPE agree to not hold The Stucker Brothers LLC liable for any harm they may cause themselves, their vaporizer, people around them, or anyone in general. Use the VIPE at your own risk.

Do not store any vaporizers or e-cigarettes inside The VIPE due to fire hazard.

We know you’re an sophisticated, intelligent individual but we must say this for legal reasons: DO NOT TRY TO SMOKE OR LIGHT ANYTHING ON FIRE INSIDE THE VIPE. It is not a real pipe. It is a super high-end work of art that us merely supposed to be a novelty for your vaporizer or e-cigarette.

The Vipe is a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children and anyone under 18 for that matter.

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