My name is Stephen Petronis, sometimes it is Julio Palmer :

I find writing about myself hard.  I also find writing hard.  So i asked my friends and colleagues to share a few thoughts about me:


"You know those people who can command a room just by walking in? He can't do that so he uses big, sweeping arm gestures and guttural laughter instead."

-Erica Pressly


"It is continually baffling to me that a man who cannot correctly spell 50% of the words in any given sentence can hold a job, let alone be so goddamn brilliant at it. Don't his easygoing, muppet-like exterior fool you; Stephen Petronis is pure creative evil."

-Andrew W. Kay


"Stephen is the kind of guy who will invite you to lunch with but will make fun of what you order, 4 out of 5 stars."

-Alex Lang


"Like his art, Stephen is a cacophony of lines, geometric and organic, that somehow seem to repel and intersect at the same time. Both he and his art reflect and explore the world we daily take for granted. Wildly creative, Stephen's presence excites and alters the chemistry in a room. Writers start drawing, drawers start filming, and moments before the whole mess devolves into a giant karaoke party, the "work" is done. The difference between his process and a line of stiff drinks hinges on one key feature: Stephen confronts fear--and any other primal emotion he can get his hands on--whereas alcohol simply masks it. His is a rare talent, but like the stiff drinks he can be a tempestuous one, too. There are not two Stephens; he has one face, and it neither obscures his thoughts nor makes exceptions. Love or hate his methods as you please--and he would encourage both camps to keep an open mind--he remains at his core a gentle soul. "

-Joe Manny


"Stephen cuts through bullshit even faster than he produces it."

-Tim Atkinson


"Stephen sometimes hugs but Steve bites. Beware."

-Stephanie Mitchell


"Stephen is someone who does not just jump in feet first, he Belly Flops.  No dipping a toe in or being graceful.  Stephen goes all out - believing with his whole heart always with a purpose and vision. Yes - one giant Belly Flop.  That allows those around him to smile and laugh creating an infectious feeling which breads creativity.   Stephen is not someone that goes quietly.  He is heard and does so with a smartness other do not possess, ultimately convincing those around them to also never just jump in feet first. "

-Emmie Nostitz